Organization Structure

The composition of the Executive Committee:

  1. Director and Chairman of Executive Committee:
    Professor David Lung, Dean of Faculty of Science and Engineering
  2. Deputy Director and Member of Executive Committee:
    Dr. Ruffina Thilakaratne (Department Architecture)
  3. Associate Directors and Ex-officio Members of Executive Committee:
    Professor Paul Chu(Department of Architecture)
    Professor Louis Lam (Department of Civil Engineering)
    Professor W.L. Lo (Department of Computer Science)
  4. Members of Executive Committee:
    (1) Architecture
Dr. Kevin Yim Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, CHCHE

(2) Civil Engineering   

Dr. L.M. Chu Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, CHCHE

(3) Computer Science 

Dr. W.K. Yu Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, CHCHE

Terms of Reference of the Executive Committee:

  • Provide strategic and development plan for the research centre
  • Coordinate staff and facility resources of the research centre to enhance the quality of research outcomes
  • Monitor on-going research projects to ensure that the expected research outcomes are in alignment with the project proposal
  • Acquire research funding and support from the College and other external funding sources
  • Establish links and collaborations with other institutions and the industry to enhance the quality of research outcomes