Proposed the Latest Action Plan


1st to 3rd month after formal establishment
  •    Setting up the Centre, its Executive Committee and Steering Committee
  •    Identify and invite scholars from other institutions as advisors
  •    Seek, discuss and formalize collaboration with other institutions
  •    Plan for scholarly activities such as seminars, workshops and conferences         of  the Centre
  •    Review the progress and outcomes of the existing IDS, FDS, IIDS RGC                   research projects
  •    Review the existing research funding available for operation by SSITRC
  •    Setting up internet platform and website for promotion and information               sharing of SSITRC
4th to 6th month after formal establishment
  •    Strategic planning for areas of excellence of SSITRC
  •    Review existing facilities and identify the need for further improvement of         existing research facilities
  •    Review the outcomes of funding applications from external sources (e.g.             RGC, QESS, ITF or others) in 2017 and plan for such applications in 2018
  •    Discuss and assist to solve problems that might arise from commencement     of projects successfully funded in 2017

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