InnoTech Expo 2017: Analyzing the visual-motor coordination of children

PI : Dr. Hong Fu (Department of Computer Science)

Co-I: Professor W L Lo (Department of Computer Science)








Development coordination disorder (DCD), also referred to developmental dyspraxia, is a motor disorder in children, affecting around 5%-6% of school-aged children. DCD affects fine and gross motor coordination in children and adults, leading to difficulty in learning, organizing and moderating motor skills, and can have significant long term effects on academic, psychosocial and vocational outcomes.

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Proposed the Latest Action Plan


1st to 3rd month after formal establishment
  •    Setting up the Centre, its Executive Committee and Steering Committee
  •    Identify and invite scholars from other institutions as advisors
  •    Seek, discuss and formalize collaboration with other institutions
  •    Plan for scholarly activities such as seminars, workshops and conferences         of  the Centre
  •    Review the progress and outcomes of the existing IDS, FDS, IIDS RGC                   research projects
  •    Review the existing research funding available for operation by SSITRC
  •    Setting up internet platform and website for promotion and information               sharing of SSITRC Continue reading “Proposed the Latest Action Plan”