Seminar: Introduction of Artificial Neural Networks


Date:  15 April 2019 (Monday)

Time:  11:00 am – 12:30 am

Venue:  M08, Chu Hai College of Higher Education

Topic:  Introduction of Artificial Neural Networks

Speaker:  LU Chongkai, Research Assistant

In recent years, the rapid development of machine learning makes Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes a very hot topic. Due to the great application flexibility of Artificial Neural Network (ANN), which now is the most representative machine learning method, a machine learning craze is sweeping over lots of research and industrial fields.

  Mr. LU is currently a Research Assistant in Department of Computer Science. In this seminar, he will talk about: 1) A brief introduction of machine learning and ANN; 2) The frame of artificial neural network and how it works; 3) How to apply ANNs on practical tasks.

  It is supposed to help you to have a basic understanding of artificial neural networks and to get start in using it.


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