Light Field-based Face Spoofing Attack Dataset (LF-SAD)

The LF-SAD dataset was developed to provide a useful dataset for the evaluation of the light field-based face spoofing attack detection. It consists of three spoofing attack types—high definition printed photo, warped printed photo, and a high definition screen displayed photo. All photos in this database were captured by Lytro ILLUM light field camera at Chu Hai College of Higher Education.

328 real face photos were generated from 50 subjects. 199 for printed photo attack, 198 for warped printed photo attack, and 199 for screen displayed photo attack photos were generated from the real face photo. All raw images have the same size with 625×434 in spatial domain.

If you are interest to our database, please feel free to send an email entitled “LF-SAD dataset request” to

Figure 1 Dataset collection

Figure 2 Examples of the dataset photo

File structure description:


The directory includes the real face photos.


The directory includes the printed photo attack face photos.


The directory includes the wrapped photo attack face photos.


The directory includes the screen displayed photo attack face photos.

File name description:


The raw light field photo data with a photo index “xxxx”.


The decoded light filed data using the light field toolbox for MATLAB.


The thumbnail of the decoded plain image.



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